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    Cash For The Cause: Almost $6,000 Raised So Far… See The First Round of Donations!

    Celebrate people working together! So far, we’ve raised almost $6,000 in the first week of the effort alone with more to come as the cause keeps getting shared. The response has been great and heartwarming to this video and T-shirt campaign (if you don’t count the racist YouTube comments!) Here are screen shots of two of the first donations to the Mike Brown Memorial Fund and Crossroads Anti-Racism Organizing and Training. More donations will roll out in the next few days to other organizations whose work we want to support and highlight so stay tuned. As the cash comes in from PayPal and the credit card processors and we’ll keep posting pics of the donations. This is just the first round of donations to the Mike Brown Memorial Fund and Crossroads Anti-Racism Organizing as so many people continue to want to wear the shirt’s message to visibly spread the word and make a statement in their community! We also have some new groups that have asked to be included to benefit from this campaign and we’ll be announcing them soon :)

    See larger screenshots and get updates at:http://bit.ly/1q4m7yq

    NOTE: Organizations we donate to are not affiliated with FCKH8.com. We just  their work!

    DON’T SUPPORT FCKH8! THEY ARE NOT A GOOD BRAND TO SUPPORT FOR LGBTQIA RIGHTS OR ANTI-RACISM CAMPAIGNS. Race Forward has already stated will not accept any donations from FCKH8. FCKH8 are profiting off the tragic death of Michael Brown, don’t let it continue! Don’t buy their products! Check out stopfckh8 for detailed information of why you should not support FCKH8.


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    And these are the men making decisions in women’s health. Fantastic.


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    i love it when dudes talk about how nasty and slutty and crazy this girl is who’s trying to pin her baby on him, but then, when asked if he’ll step up and be a father if the child is his, he beats his chest proudly, talking about “of course!” he’s a “real man”

    because real men don’t behave respectfully until they’re proven wrong about something?


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    is that regina george

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